Pensacola Wedding + Elopement Photographer

Anneliese Andrew


Why weddings? 'Cause my introverted-until-you-get-to-know-me self gets to dance like a goob at your reception where no one will remember the next day! But seriously, witnessing you two pour out your heart in love notes and vows is so magical, and I love making you look as incredible as you feel- from ugly cries to confetti in the sky!

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Are You A Love, Anneliese Bride?

The Love, Anneliese bride dreams of eloping in a sentimental, yet incredible destination. Overlooking cliffs, holding hands with her lover, inhaling the sea spray, and counting moments, like the waves, feeling overwhelmingly in love with the person who's fingers are intertwined with hers.

She also knows family is important, and surrounds herself with special people to celebrate the beginning of her and her groom's forever adventure. She prefers a hearty wood table over a sweetheart table, clinking glasses across the table with those who mean the most.

Her gypsy spirit craves discovering every inch of the globe, leading her babe through foreign streets, being present and taking mental photographs rather than Instagram stories.

She's reading this with infinite tabs opened on her laptop to far away places or nearby destinations, debating ditching wedding traditions for two seats on a plane to the beginning of their forever adventure! I love you already, and I can relate hella hard. I would love to be there, witnessing you two exchange your vows in a place that means so much to the two of you.

If your wedding day will be spent with family and friends here in Florida, and you can envision those intimate moments with your groom, I would love to tell your story through those moments.