My name is Anneliese and I am a wedding and portrait photographer here on the Emerald Coast.

I was born and raised overseas, kudos to my military family. My love for photography grew from our many travels and my mother’s love for capturing memories.

My journey as a professional photographer is ever expanding, with years of shooting experience in front of the camera as a model, as well as behind it- spanning from high school Year Book Club to today.

My experience in the fashion industry has defined my photographic style. I love telling a story and showing your friends and family how incredible your story is. My journalistic style captures timeless works of art that you would be proud to display in your home.

I adore capturing intimate, emotional, romantic moments for you to reminisce over with your significant other. When you cry at the first sight of your groom, I tear up behind my lens. You are not only selecting a photographer for your big day, you are gaining a new friend that will show you how absolutely beautiful you are and how special your relationship is!

Just like a greeting card you receive from a close friend, my work is signed “with love” because I am passionate about creating memories and capturing special moments for you and your family.

I hope my work brings a smile to your soul and you cherish the images for years to come.

Love, Anneliese